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George KeithMy name is George Keith and I am a photographer by profession.

As a matter of fact, I never dreamt of being a photographer since my ultimate goal is to become an engineer or an architect. A few years ago, when me and my friends went out for a vacation across Europe in 2011, we decided to buy a DSLR camera for the sake of taking nice pictures outdoors. After the trip, I uploaded the images on all of my social network accounts. Surprisingly, a lot of people commented on it and saying that I have a good eye for photography and that my subjects are really wonderful and meaningful. So a while, I decided to go out, walk the streets and just capture anything there. I myself knew that I can improve this talent, and so I enrolled in a six months photography course to help me develop and improve it.

I really enjoyed the training, I even got myself a new camera to play on. Since then until today, Photography has always been my life and passion. It’s not just about taking images, it’s also about giving life and stories to the subjects involved.

I am so thankful that my friends discovered my skills in taking good photographs. And as a way of giving back, I decided to create Total Image Nation. This site is intended to help amateur and aspiring photographers who would want to develop their skills in photography and editing images. This site will provide all the topic and reviews you need about editing and all.

Photography is very addicting, but of course in a positive way, I get to learn new things from it like dealing with different emotions from the subject, approaching people and shoot wonderful images. Among other things, it became my profession. Thanks to the people who continue to believe in me. I will look forward to helping new photographers in the future.

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