Artsy Black and White Lightroom Presets

  • Artsy black and white presets for your photos
  • Free presets and brushes for your black and white pictures
  • Photo-editing app that brings depth to black and white images

It is quite rare for black and white photos to generate more “likes” on social media. Unless, of course, when the subject is quite popular like a film star. But is it possible to churn out beautiful black and white photos even if the subject is not that popular? Yes, that is possible.


Lightroom is the solution to that. This is the only photo-editing app that can do wonders with your photos, especially if you want to create that black and white mood on your photo. And Lightroom makes that possible with its rich collection of presets and brushes.

These Lightroom black and white presets though come with different features, depending on the effect you want to have with your photos. With it, you can transform your colorful pictures into black and white masterpieces, resembling that of the editorial sketches of the old world but with the difference. The difference this time, is that its two-way color is more prominent, more pronounced and more engaging.

And these Lightroom black and white presets are downloadable online. You can always get them free. Plus the fact that it has its additional features, as in the case of its brushes, where you can edit even the minute details of your photo image.

Never underestimate the power of these Lightroom black and white presets because it conjures more meaning than those colorful ones, particularly in highlighting the character of your photo subject.

The following are some of the cool features why these Lightroom black and white presets are more powerful than the colored ones.

  • It is more artsy than the colored ones – This is probably the reason why these Lightroom black and white presets are so popular because one look at its effect, your pictures looked more like sketches of a seasoned painter, with a lot of force and sentiment in its lines.
  • It accentuates certain features – If you have a prominent nose, this will have its emphasis with the use of these Lightroom black and white presets. It allows you to highlight your certain features on your subject that is uniquely theirs.
  • It is economical but eclectic in effect – Using only two colors (black and white) can conjure a lot of meaning than using different shades of color. The white spaces in between brings depth to your photos.