Comparing Photoshop Elements and Lightroom

photo3Adobe is known to be the home of the best photo editing tools and programs. That is why it is very hard for us to differentiate which program to choose, and what to avoid. In this article, we will talk about the similarities of these two useful photo editing programs by Adobe to know which one is suitable for our images.

Let’s get to know Photoshop Elements first. A lot of people consider Elements as more of the lighter version of Adobe Photoshop, which I have to agree with since I was able to use it for quite some time in some of my projects. However, the program lacks the advanced photo editing functionality which most photographers need. Adobe built Photoshop Elements to help amateur photographers understand the basic of Photoshop.

Basically, Adobe Photoshop Elements is much less confusing and complicated than Photoshop. In addition, even if PSE has only limited editing tools, it can work faster than Photoshop. However, the only disadvantage of this program is that it doesn’t have the ability to work with massive numbers of images, especially those with RAW file format.

On the other hand, let’s try to understand Adobe’s newest product; Lightroom. For some photographers, Adobe Lightroom is comparable to Photoshop elements since both photo editing program offers the best file management services. Images can be stored in one collection too. However, Adobe Lightroom is more useful than PSE because it contains useful and advanced  photo editing functionality such as creating presets, organizing images, sharing images thru Lightroom interface, converting RAW and JPEG files and more.

Basically, if you compare PSE and Adobe Lightroom; Lightroom can provide good editing services. In addition, the main purpose of Adobe Lightroom is to help you manage and modify your image as easy as possible. Get more helpful Lightroom tutorials at to understand the features and services of the program.

Learn how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens by watching the video tutorial below: