Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Photography:

  1. Will the exposure settings change if the camera moves?

Answer: Basically, it only depends on how you move the camera in relative to light. Let’s say you are moving away or towards the subject, then nothing will change in the setting. But, if you are moving in circular motion around the subject, then the exposure will change on its own depending to the light from the environment.

  1. Does shutter speed have to do with the right focal length?

Answer: This question is relatively new, so we tried to analyze it deeply to get clear answers. From what we did, the shutter speed really affects the light exposure, including the ISO and aperture setting so the focal length has nothing to do with it. Focal length and shutter speed exposure has two separate thoughts.

  1. What is the suggested aperture?

Answer: Ideally, there is no exact setting when it comes to Aperture. Your personal choice of it is dictated by what you need at the moment. You can adjust it to being too deep or shallow or just simple Aperture. However, if you are not that skilled with depth of field aperture, you need to read on few tips online on how to make a good aperture for digital photography. Aperture can be confusing at times depending on the light and surroundings, you really have to be careful in using it.

We will continue to give you more detailed answers on the most frequent questions about photography in the future. Stay tuned.