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lensWe can say that photography is a part of our existence. Because with photography we can remember the special events and think the days we share with our loved ones, and allow us to freeze a moment and document a part of this transient world.

Photography for me is just a visual and can transcend language. Every shot that I take is my masterpiece. With photography, I learned to establish great trust and rapport to people. For someone to share their authenticity with me is a soul-to-soul thing. It’s not a lens-to-soul thing.

Moreover, photography is just a love story. The love lives on, somehow, in memories and imagination. Photography shows us a beautiful world of our ageless selves. We can enjoy a beautiful color or even the texture or the simplicity of an abstract form of concept.

It seems that photography is well on its way to being entrenched as a form of human expression in much the same way as a painting, drawing, a poem or a piece of music.

Photography grows very significant and useful in our industries includes: news reports, educational materials, billboards, books, posters and many more. And I can’t imagine my life without any pictures or photographs.

In today’s generation, photography now is more complex and high standard. And it is more advance unlike before. We have also different photo editing software that allows your images much outstanding and stunning.  With today’s technology and software develop by experts, we can surely edit our photos with just a click and no worry the time we spend in the editing process.

Total Image Nation will surely help you to develop your artistic talent so that you can create a unique work of art. Our goal is to guide all photographers about our modern software and help them work with their photographs efficient and effective.

Total Image Nation offers you a variation of topics that are very useful in photography. We deliver relevant updates about the latest news around the world of photography.

Total Image Nation want to share to you and teach modern skills that will improve your performance in the latest photo editing software and technologies.  We want to help you in the editing process and help you to create beautiful and awesome photographs.

As a photographer, you should consider the brightness of the area and the angle of the camera. Total Image Nation will definitely help and guide you to show the different contrast as well as the angle.

lens2Every image needs a basic structure. Without an underlying structure, it is just another boring photo. Most photographers are paying attention only to the details, but they ignore the important fundamentals and they even don’t know that there are fundamentals. These fundamental are the largest, obvious elements of light and dark, colors, and shapes. Total Image Nation will help you and it is the  ideal site for advices, tips, reviews and other important details about photography.

As with photography, capturing images is an art of story. There’s a story behind every shot we made.  Taking beautiful scenery gives us a satisfaction that uplifts us.  There is a different feeling every time other people appreciate the pictures we captured.

As others, photographs used as a way of communicating, they share their thoughts and ideas through pictures or visual images.  Moreover, without taking pictures, our day would not being complete. Especially to the young age or teenagers, their life would not meaningful and beautiful without taking any pictures. I guess everybody likes pictures in their life, which photographs show us how the world is beautiful.

Photography is a form of art that expresses our feelings. Capturing unique images is a special feeling that we cannot explain, it is just like a fulfillment of our life.  It is also a passion that we want to focus on from time to time. Whenever we go, either a trip or vacation, capturing images is our first responsibility because remembering those experienced through images is an art of expresses our feeling.

Our eyes are first attracted to the brightness or the contrast or even the most colorful part of an image. Total Image Nation will help you and guide you to the important details of photography.

Photography is the destination of the journey of life that mankind travels through, the end product.

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