Simple Steps on How to Add Actions to Photoshop

LR1 (2)There are actions, too, with Photoshop. Not that your photos come to life though but that it presents photographs with an interactive feel. That is the magic of Photoshop Actions on your images. It presents pictures more than the usual flare; it exudes life and “action” at times.

Photoshop actions are downloadable online. The web has a long list of Photoshop actions for every situation, for every portrait, and for every event. From landscape pictures to infrared hues, Photoshop actions has it all.

But the question is, how to add actions to Photoshop? The step is quite simple, and you can have it in less than a minute.

To start with, you need to select an action to work with. You can choose from a wide variety of Photoshop actions online.

After downloading a specific action (a zip file containing an action), unpack the contents of the file and a new folder will reveal, containing an .ATN file for that new action.

Immediately after doing such, you can either drag the file to your Photoshop window or use the dropdown of the action panel as you select your .ATN file. Only then you can load your actions. Once you have loaded your actions in Photoshop, you are now good to go. So by the looks of it, asking the help of a photographer is already time-consuming and laborious. With Photoshop actions, you can have your desired photo image with just one click.