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Useful Shortcuts in Lightroom

LR 15Adobe has been known to make people’s lives easier with Lightroom shortcuts. You probably know one or two simple shortcuts, but Lightroom has more of it to make your editing process easy. Adobe created shortcuts to help photographers save time and effort in their workflow. In this article, we will teach you some of the most useful shortcuts in Lightroom that you should know.

Expose shortcuts in Lightroom

Lightroom keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom are very hard to remember, especially if you’re thinking of other important things. But by just pressing Crtl+/ in desktop or Cmd+/ in Mac OS, Lightroom will automatically display a full list of shortcuts that you can use while modifying and organizing images in Lightroom. When you’re done opening the list, you can disregard it by pressing anywhere on the screen. The rest of other Lightroom shortcuts can be found in the develop module.

Rotating the image

In rotating the crop overlay, or if you’ve tried making a portrait crop from a landscape image, you have to press R in the interface to go straight to the develop tool. In addition, by pressing the shortcut ‘X’, the program will automatically crop the image with the same orientation of other images.

Spot Removal Tool Shortcut

The good thing about the latest version of Lightroom is that it contains an advanced spot removal or healing tool. You can go directly to the tool by just pressing the key ‘Q’. Lightoom 6 spot removal tool can automatically detect pixels and part of the image that needs to be healed or modify. However, the program cannot do it alone, you need to maneuver the brush to remove unwanted spots and noise in the image.

Hopefully, these simple tips can help you identify other useful shortcuts in Lightroom. I believe that using shortcuts can make you work faster. For more tutorials on Lightroom shortcuts and other topic such as how to install presets in Lightroom 6, visit sleeklens.com.