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The Effects of Using Adobe Lightroom

Photo1Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has been considered by most professional photographers as one of their favorite photo editing programs since it has a high-quality photo processing and non-destructive color correction. Moreover, the program has a lot of features to offer such as automatic image correction, sophisticated and powerful noise reduction and more. Another best feature of Lightroom is its ability to freely convert RAW and JPEG files.

Basically, the company really knows how to create the best photo editing program. They anticipated the fact that users need a responsive and efficient catalog management that will help the organize their images in one collection. The latest version of Lightroom comes with a new and more improved editing tools to help users simplify their editing process.

Recently, the company released its Lightroom Mobile version which allows us, users, to modify and share images from our own mobile devices such as iPad, Android, and iPhone devices. However, the mobile version is only limited to those users who have a creative cloud plan which basically costs $9 a month or $100 per annum.

Generally, the major changes in Lightroom 5 are the spot and healing tool, which removes blemishes and other unwanted spots. Adobe upgraded it to make it more useful and not limited to making circular changes. The spot and healing tool in Lightroom 5 can now modify brush sizes to remove larger and uneven shapes. Moreover, it is now easier to navigate since you just have to drag and drop it.

For us photographers, we need the best healing tool to help us eliminate those spots that are not needed on the image. We are very thankful that Adobe decided to develop it for our benefit. We can definitely say that Lightroom 5’s advanced spot tool can do more editing jobs than Lightroom 4. In addition, we can create several Lightroom filters since it has more editing options in the develop module.

If you would like to learn more on how to use Lightroom filters like a pro, then check out more tutorials and presets on Pinterest and Behance. By downloading presets online, it will teach you how to create your own set of presets.